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Valentine doll

Hey guys! Just discovered something that made me go "heyyyy..." Hahah. I don't sound very intelligent right now, but whatever.

In a previous post I was talking about Valentine's character and how he actually got into Helena's dream world if she didn't know about him earlier. Here's something else to add to the puzzle...

Here you can see a Valentine doll! I just thought it was really interesting. My theory is that maybe she created that whole world, and she created a character called Valentine (hence why she was saying "Mr. Valentine, have you come to save our city?"). But she doesn't have THAT much control over that world. For instance, she didn't consciously make her mother into a queen and her father a prime minister, although that probably happened because they have authority in her life.

So she created the character Valentine and by doing so it pulled this real life guy into that dream world - the person closest to what she would want for a boyfriend, I guess? And that's how she ended up meeting him.

Hehe, sorry guys, a couple of friends and I have been kind of mulling over the subject even though we all agree that this movie really is just up for interpretation. I think I was just thinking about this more (and therefore posting here) because this was one thing we couldn't really agree on.
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